‍As strange as it might sound, your podcast could actually be a game changer when it comes to increasing your business. In this digital age, people are looking for authenticity in businesses and brands they support. They want to know who you are, what you stand for and how your products or services will improve their lives. You can use your podcast as an opportunity to showcase your brand, tell people about your business, plus inspire them to support you. Let’s take a look at four benefits of using your own podcast to increase your business. Then, when you see how valuable a podcast for your business could be, we can then talk about how to use it to help your business rise to the next level.

Showcase Who You Are and What You Stand For

The first and most obvious benefit of podcasting is that it will give you a chance to showcase who you are and what you stand for. This is one of the key components of what we call “authentic marketing”. While many businesses are creating content that sounds like it has been written by a robot, you can use podcasting to really make your voice heard.

In particular, you can use your podcast to communicate your values and message, plus showcase your expertise. If you’re running a cooking school, you can talk about the benefits of cooking and provide life hacks for healthy meals. If you run a yoga studio, you can talk about the health and mental benefits of yoga. If you’re a financial advisor, you can talk about investing and the best ways to save money.

The more you are able to show that you know your industry, the more people will begin to realize the authority your brand has. From there, it is simply taking the time to regularly talk to people so they get to know you on a deeper level each time they tune in.

Your Podcast Can Connect You With Your Audience

Build Relationships With Your Audience

Another benefit of podcasting is that it will help you build trust and relationships with your audience. When you create your own podcast, you are reaching out to your audience and inviting them into your world. You are putting yourself on the line by sharing your story and offering advice, suggestions, and tips.

As you create more episodes, you will build relationships with your audience. They will feel connected to you and your journey, and might even become loyal customers. The deeper the connection they feel, the more invested in your business and brand they become. This process is what helps your listeners become your customers, and then those customers become your evangelists. What better way to get your name out there than by letting happy customers tell your story?

Increase Awareness of Your Brand

Podcasting is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. You could use your podcast to conduct interviews with people in the industry, host competitions, or offer giveaways. You could also invite guests on your show, which could include industry experts, celebrities or people who have been successful with your products or services.

When your guests are being interviewed, they will talk about your brand. They will talk about what you offer, how you can improve people’s lives, and why people should choose to do business with you. The more you are able to connect people with voices and names they recognize, the more they will begin to know who you are and trust what you have to say.

Grow Your Bottom Line

Podcasting can also help you grow your bottom line by increasing your sales. You could use your podcast to offer product reviews, share customer stories and reviews, or invite people to try out your products or services. When you invite people to try out your products, you are giving them a chance to get a first-hand experience. You are giving them a chance to experience your products for themselves and talk about them with their friends and family. When your customers talk about your products and services with their friends and family, you are creating free marketing for your business.

Share About Your Business Through Your Podcast

Bonus Benefits Your Business Can Get from Podcasting

There are many other benefits your business can get from podcasting.

  1. You can use it as an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with your audience and become an authority in your industry.
  2. When you podcast, you have the chance to become a trusted source of information in your industry and inspire people to take action.
  3. You can use your podcast to generate leads for your business.
  4. Whenever you podcast, you can also benefit the SEO your business gets from the phrases mentioned in the podcast and the meta information used.
  5. If you take the time to also transcribe your podcast, you can also post that to your website and use it like a blog. Then, when formatting it, you can use key phrases in the transcription that also apply to your business, services, and products.
  6. You can invite people to subscribe to your podcast and collect their contact information so you can follow up with them later.
  7. You can use your podcast to build a brand, connect with your audience, and grow your business.

Let AST Cybersecurity Help You Create Your Podcast and Get Your Business Growing

Do not look at a podcast for business as simply a way to earn money. While that is a sideline benefit, you need to understand that reaching your audience is the real value, first and foremost. Let them hear from you. Tell them the story of how you got where you are today, in your own words. The words you choose during your business podcast will resonate with them. If you choose to share who you are, people will connect with that. Just don’t focus on the wrong thing when first starting out.

If you have been thinking about starting your own podcast, now is the time. With so many benefits, it is clear that podcasting can help your business grow and become successful. Contact us here at AST Cybersecurity today to find out more about our podcasting services and the benefits we can help create for you. We have the technology in place to get started whenever you are ready to tell your story. Let your customers hear it straight from you.