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We specialize in long form content, which includes articles, whitepapers, books, proofreading/editing, and blogging.  Click on the links below to see what we can do for you!!!

Gemini IBD® Cybersecurity Newsletters: Our Quarterly Cyber Newsletters Our Publications
Our Tech Target Interview: This is an interview about our recent COVID-19 Book
Moon Lake Digital Media Our Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter
Our LinkedIn Publications Our Social Media Publications
Our Whitepaper Repository Whitepapers Written for Our Clients
Our 2021 Mid Year Cyber Report: Ransomware
Our 2022 Beginning of the Year Phishing Report: Phishing Trends
Our 2022 Mid Year Cyber Report: The True Cost of Security Breaches
Our 2022 End of Year Cyber Report: The Data Breaches That Have Occurred
The Importance of Penetration Testing & Threat Hunting: Our special 115 page eBook
Our Future eBook: How to Create & Compile Secure Source Code
Our Future eBook: Digital Forensics
Our Future eBook: Big Data, Web 3.0, & The Metaverse
Our Future eBook: Domains 101
Our Future eBook: The Zero Trust Framework & Microsoft Azure
Our Future Special eBook: Cyberbullying & The Need For Cyber Education
Our Future Special Whitepaper: The Need For a United States Department of Cybersecurity
Our Future Special Whitepaper:  Ransomware Groups
Our Future Special Whitepaper:  An Update On The COVID-19 Virus
Our Future Special Whitepaper: Data Science – Part 2
Our Cybersecurity Research Our Information and Data Research
Our Cybersecurity Forum Join Our Linked In Forum & Share Your Cyber Content
Internet of Things Our IoT Publications
Artificial Intelligence Our AI publications
Cyber Risk/Cybersecurity Insurance Policies Our Risk & Insurance Policy publications
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Our CMMC publications

COVID19 Our COVID19 publications
Data Privacy Laws Our Data Privacy  publications
The Blockchain Company Our Blockchaining publications

The Remote Workforce Our Remote Workforce publications
Cyber Education/Workforce Cyber Education/Workforce publications
Cybersecurity Healthcare Our Cybersecurity Healthcare Publications
Cloud Security Our Cloud Security Publications






Please join in our podcasts by dialing  (929) 477-1764

Along with the written word, audio content is also becoming a great marketing tool.  We have been podcasting since 2014.  We have the expertise in interviewing high level titles, such the C-Suite, Presidents, Directors, Project Managers, etc.

  • Click HERE to see our archived podcasts!!!
  • Click HERE to see our brand-new podcast channel!!!
  • We will be investing into our own podcasting studio by Summer 2024.  Click HERE for more details.

Cybersecurity Products & Services

Through our subsidiary company, Technosoft Cyber, LLC, we also offer other Cyber products and services to meet your needs.  Click HERE to find out more!!!

Book Proposal Consulting

Before you can be awarded a book contract, you first have to have a book proposal submitted and approved.  This can be a very daunting process, as it can take up to two months to get this approval.  But here at AST Cyber, we are here to help you.  We have been through it all, through iterative revisions, having book proposals shot down, and even having manuscripts rejected.  We know the ins an outs of this process, so let us help you with getting this first obstacle accomplished successfully the first time around!!! Contact us!

BiometricNews.Net, Inc. is the audio recording studio of AST Cybersecurity.  You may be wondering, how we got this name?  Well, we first got started in security with Biometrics.  In fact, our first podcasts were with key leaders in the Biometrics industry all over the world.  In fact, we have even written and published three books on Biometrics.  Although our focus is now on Cybersecurity related podcasts, we still talk about Biometrics wherever it is relevant in our shows. Through our studio, we offer the following services:


  • Premium Content:

We only interview top level titles from both Cybersecurity and Security companies.  We cover niche topics, that are useful for businesses of any size. Want to also showcase your latest product or company PDF’s or PPT’s for your audience? Send them our way, and we will host them for also!!! This also includes a new wave, called video podcasts. Contact us to find how to access this great content!!!

  • On Demand Podcasts:

Over time, we will be investing into a Portable Podcast Studio. If you need a podcast done within 24-48 hours, we will be able to do that for you, either on-site or remotely.

  • Transcription:

Want a text version of your show? We can provide you, in a written format the major highlights of your show!!!

  • Audio Production:

Want to add some of your sound clips? Want to add a video to your podcast? Need some editing work done? Want to break up your podcast into smaller pieces of audio content for easier consumption? We can do all of that for you!!!

  • Consulting:

Need help in creating a podcast? Want somebody else to run a show on your behalf? Need advice in finding the right guest? Need help in determining the script for your show? We can help you with all of this!!!

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy:

Ok, so now you have a podcast. But how do you market it? This is where all of the buzzwords like Keywords, PPCs, SEOs, Google Rankings, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  all come into play. We can help you to create a strategy optimized to your needs to be spread across all of these platforms.

  • eBooks:

Are you thinking of getting into the world of self-publishing, but too afraid to try it yet? Well, we can convert the audio content from your podcast into a written format, such as that of an eBook, which you can easily sell on places like Amazon.

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