‍The world has changed. Cyber threats are real, and children grow up exposed to digital media from a young age. Online safety is now a concern for parents across the globe. In this digital age, keeping kids safe online is as much about awareness as it is access control and monitoring.

As it stands, cybercrime is on the rise with over 200 million American users affected in some way by data breaches in the past year alone. If you’re a parent reading this, you likely understand the implications of these stats better than most.

As an adult, you likely have greater insight into how your child represents a target for online predators due to their naivety and lack of life experience. Given that you’re reading this article, let’s assume you’re also tech savvy enough to keep up with emerging trends in cyber security. Here are some essential tips parents need to know if they want to keep their kids safe online:


Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest in Cybersecurity

The first step in keeping your kids safe online is to stay up-to-date with the latest in cybersecurity. The digital landscape is ever-changing. New apps are being developed, and old ones are being phased out and replaced by more secure alternatives.

If you’re not actively following cybersecurity trends, you’re putting your family at risk. For example, you may not be aware that WhatsApp (a very popular messaging app) is no longer end-to-end encrypted. As a parent, this may seem like a minor issue. But, in reality, it’s a major concern. To stay up-to-date with all the latest cybersecurity news and tips, follow us on social media and contact us for specific tips!

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Follow the Same Rules You Expect in Your Household

Whether your child has learned to walk or is about to graduate from college, every child deserves privacy. But, as parents, we tend to treat these phases in our children’s lives very differently. We’re all for letting our toddlers explore their environment, sense of independence, and personal privacy. But, as kids grow older and start to spend more time online, we shift our attitude.

We’re inclined to monitor their actions and demand a greater level of oversight. By following the same rules you expect in your household, you can do more to keep your children safe online.

If you demand your children keep their rooms tidy, follow regular curfews, and steer clear of questionable places, you should expect the same online. By keeping tabs on your children’s online activity, you can help them avoid being exposed to online predators and hackers.


Establish Clear Rules and Expectations from a Young Age to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

As soon as your child starts to navigate the online world, you should set clear rules and expectations. You may not be able to shield your child from all online dangers. However, you can help them navigate them safely and with confidence.

By establishing these rules and expectations from a young age, you can help your child navigate the virtual world with confidence. This can help them avoid the pitfalls associated with online communication and interactions.

By being thorough in your approach, you can help your child understand the potential dangers in the virtual world. Then, you can empower them to recognize and avoid them to keep themselves safe as they get older.


Install Strong Password Protection for All Devices

Keeping your devices and computers safe is one of the most important things you can do to protect your data. However, this is particularly important for the devices you share with your family.

If you have children, you probably have devices they use regularly. It’s important to install strong password protection for all your devices. This will help to keep your devices secure in case your child is ever logged in and you suspect they are doing something they shouldn’t be.

It will also keep your children’s information safe. This is particularly important if you let your children use your devices to access the internet. It’s also a good idea to clear your browsing history regularly. This can help to prevent your children from stumbling across sensitive information. It can also protect you if your child ever uses your device to access certain websites.

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Set Up a Tracking App for Your Child’s Devices

It’s important to keep an eye on your child’s online activities. If you’re using your child’s device to access the internet, you can use a tracking app to keep tabs on them. This can help you to identify what sites they’re visiting and what they’re doing with their device.

Tracking apps can also help you to set restrictions on what your child can and cannot do. By setting up a tracking app for your child’s device, you can keep a close eye on their internet use. You can also set restrictions so that your child doesn’t have the opportunity to explore content you don’t feel is appropriate or safe for them to view.


Don’t Rely Solely on Technology; Talk with Your Kids, Too!

Above all, remember to talk with your children. Stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity trends. But, don’t overlook your most valuable tool: your voice.

By talking with your child about their online activities, you can help to protect them from online predators and hackers. You can also help them to identify and avoid clickbait and fake news.

You can help them to identify and avoid sites that are inappropriate for their age group. You can also help them to navigate the online world securely by teaching them how to avoid giving out their personal information and browsing history.

By talking with your children, you can help them to better understand the potential dangers and pitfalls in the virtual world. Then, you can empower them to recognize and avoid them with your guidance as they grow.


Turn to AST Cybersecurity to Keep Current on Cybersecurity Tips That Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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